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At Notre Père, we are not just a fashion brand, we are a movement. We believe that fashion has the power to inspire and uplift people, to connect them to their true selves, and to bring them closer to the divine.

Are you also passionated about fashion and ready to embark on an exciting journey with Notre Pere, where style meets opportunity? Welcome to the Notre Pere Fashion Ambassador Program, a unique Multi Level Concept designed to elevate your fashion game and your financial prospects.

Our six commandments to start as ambassador

1. Starter Package - Your Gateway to Success: To kickstart your journey as a Notre Pere Ambassador, all you need is our exclusive starter package, priced at just 250 Euros. This comprehensive kit includes fabulous Notre Pere clothing, discount codes, eye-catching flyers, and all the tools you need to showcase the unparalleled quality of our fashion to potential buyers. It's your key to creating a lasting impression.

2. Age is Just a Number: To join our family, all you need is to be a minimum of 18 years old. Your passion for fashion knows no age, and at Notre Pere, we welcome fashion enthusiasts of all generations.

3. Commission Within Reach: We believe in rewarding your efforts promptly. As a Notre Pere Ambassador, you'll receive your hard-earned commissions just 14 days after the sale, making your financial dreams that much more accessible.

4. 8% Discounts for Your Clients: Your referred clients get an exclusive 8% discount when they shop through your recommendation. Sharing the joy of fashion has never been this rewarding!

5. Unlock Infinite Earning Potential: As a Notre Pere Ambassador, you're not just promoting fabulous fashion – you're building your own empire. You can recruit other passionate fashion lovers to join our Ambassador family. The best part? For every sale generated by your direct and indirect ambassadors up to the fifth level, you earn a generous 5% commission, creating a web of income that keeps growing.

6. Your Journey Begins Now: Ready to become a Notre Pere Ambassador? We've made it easy! Simply complete our application form, and you'll be one step closer to a world of fashion and financial success.

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